• Contour Body Wraps

Melt away inches with herbal contour body wraps. All you do is relax, and watch the inches melt away. This is a healthy method of taking off inches and tightening skin in just one hour. Aloe-herb contouring gel has all natural ingredients, no salt or chemicals used. The gel will penetrate and break down bulky toxins into the lymph system, which will require client to drink plenty of water to flush out the broken down fat and toxins, so they are GONE! This is not just a water loss, but a definite inch loss.

  • Lose 4-14 total inches on FIRST wrap!
  • wrap
  • Fat breakdown (cellulite), and elimination of stretch marks.
  • Improves skin flexibility
  • Contour and tones the skin
  • Detoxifying formula, helps firming and tightening of the skin

Will my inch loss come back?
Clients on this program have kept off inches and pounds better and easier than any other weight-loss system. You cannot continue eating larger portions than your normal dietary intake. Avoid alcohol, salty, and oily foods, as these will keep the water you drink from flushing through the cells to cleanse your body of the unwanted toxins and fats. The better you keep detoxed, the better your liver can help metabolize fat.

What about diet and exercise?
We find that dieting will reduce the chance of new fat deposits so that the treatment will take off the inches faster.  Exercise will firm and tone muscles, especially in the tummy area.  Exercise will burn the fat from the body and increase body metabolism. For best health, everyone should exercise several hours each week.

How long does the wrap take?
You should allow a total of one and a quarter hours. You will relax comfortably in the wrap for 45 minutes.

How often can I be wrapped?
We recommend once or twice per week so that if you are dieting, you will have time to lose some weight between treatments.  The advantage of this, is that you will have a tendency to lose most of the inches in the problem areas first.  This frequency creates a chain reaction of softening and removing the fat and toxins from your body and keeps the skin tight as your weight continues to decrease.

Preparation for your body wrap

  • Shower before your arrival
  • Do not shave legs
  • Avoid oils or lotions between your shower and your wrap treatment
  • Avoid consumption of food within one hour of wrap
  • Bring extra undergarments or swimsuit
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your wrap to flush out toxins more efficiently

Pricing for body wraps

  • Body wrap: 100
  • Abdomen only : 60

Pricing for body wrap packages must be used within 6 months of purchase

  • 2 Full Body wraps: 180
  • 4 Full Body wraps: 350
  • 2 Partial Wraps Abdomen only : 110
  • 4 Partial Wraps Abdomen only : 215
  • 1 Full Body/ 1 Partial Wraps Abdomen only : 145

Save time and money with a body wrap and facial combo

  • Body wrap and facial: 150
  • Abdomen only and facial : 115