• Custom Eyelash Services

Eyelash tinting: $25.00
Already have nice lashes, but want them darker? This sevice is for you. Semi-permanent color available in black or different shades of brown.

Eyebrow Tinting: $25.00
Tinting Special: $40.00

Get both your lashes and eyebrows tinted and save $10.00!

Lash Lift: $50.00
Have straight lashes? We can lift them for you. The lash lift acts like a perm to make your natural lashes "stand up" and be more visible. The lifted lash remains curled until it natually sheds and is replaced by new, straight growth.

Lash Lift & Tint: $70.00
Get a lash lift and lash tinit together and save $5.

Artificial Lash Removal: $10.00 & up

Xtreme™ Eyelash extensions initial full set : starting at $250.00 for first time clients.
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual synthetic fibers that are applied directly to each individual eyelash. Extensions have a natural look and feel. You can add length and volume without your friends knowing you had anything done. This service can be your best kept secret. Lasts up to 2 months with fill-ins every 2-4 weeks. Now you can have the same eyelash extensions that all of Hollywood is raving about!

  • Cost is $250 for up to 75 lashes per eye
  • Cost is $275 for up to 90 lashes per eye

Xtreme™ Eyelash extensions initial full set : starting at $150.00 for returning clients for up to 60 lashes per eye and $200.00 for returning clients for up to 75 lashes per eye. Additional lashes may be purchased for $20 for 10 lashes per eye.

Xtreme™ Lashes fill-in application: basic fill starting at $55.00 for up to 25-30 lashes per eye. Fuller fills start at $75 for 30-40 lashes per eye.  Another 10 lashes per eye is sold in $20 increments. Faux mink lashes included in this pricing.

To maintain a full look, fills-ins are recommended every 2-4 weeks. If you wait longer than two to three weeks for a fill-in, you may require additional lashes.

Procedure takes between 45 and 90 minutes depending on number of lashes desired.

Xtreme™ Lashes consultation: free

Consultation is free, but a $50 non-refundable deposit is required at time of full set booking and will be applied towards the service charge. Includes analysis of your natural lashes, information about Xtreme™ Lashes, how to prepare and care for them.
For more information visit the Xtreme™ Lashes Eyelash Extensions website.wrap

  • Lash Starter Set : 80 & up
    Get ready for that party or special occasion. Lash Starter Set is 35 lashes per eye. No complimentary fill. Please note that this is an easy way to try lash extensions, but this is not as full as a Full Set application and mascara may be necessary to give your lashes additional fullness. Feel free to add more lashes in $20 increments. Faux mink lashes included in this pricing.

Beware of imitations! Proper application makes all the difference on the look and longevity of your extensions and the health of your natural lashes.

lash extensions

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