• Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Nails

  • Full Set: $24.00
  • Refill: $16.00
  • Full Set with French Tips: $29.00
  • Repairs: $3.00

Solar Nails
Pink and white acrylics for those who prefer a constant French look.
  • Full Set: $37.00
  • wrap
  • Pink Only Refill: $20.00
  • Re-White: $30.00
  • Repairs: $4.00

Gel Nails
A totally clear and odorless product for those who are allergic to acrylics and are concerned about damaging their natural nails. Less harsh on the natural nail, but are also not as hard as acrylics. Can be worn clear or with polish. Do not get these mixed up with gel polish- which is a separate service.
  • Full Set with Tips: $35.00
  • Full Set with Gel Overlay: $30.00
  • Refill: $24.00
  • Full Set with French Tip: $40.00
  • Repair: $4.00
  • Gel Protective Coating Over Acrylics: $5.00


Shellac Gel Polish CND Shellac gel polish
CND (Creative Nail Design) has launched it's brand of gel polish. Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac™ Hybrid Nail Color! This revolutionary product applies like polish and wears like gel. Limited colors available. We also offer Gelish, OPI, Orly, and Perfect Match for additional color selections.

  • Shellac nails : 35.00 : cuticle care and new Shellac application
  • Shellac toes : 40.00 : cuticle care and new Shellac application, full pedicure 10 extra
  • Shellac pedicure : 50.00 : full spa pedicure with new Shellac application opi gel color polish
  • Shellac wrap removal: 10 : to have Shellac taken off with wraps and not re-applied
  • Shellac wrap removal followed by a reapplication : add 3 for nails, 4 for toes to Shellac application pricing
  • Shellac soak-off removal: 8 : to have Shellac soaked off and not re-applied
  • Shellac soak-off removal followed by a reapplication : complimentary
  • Shellac french: 5 extra


Chrome Pigment Designs Chrome gold and silver
Chrome pigment powders can be added to any gel color for shiny nails. Gold, silver, rainbow- possibilities are endless. Join the trend! Price varies depending on how many nails are chromed from $5 to $15 extra in additional to gel polish services.


SNS Hybrid Powder Dip Nails
A hybrid product that combines the strength of acrylic powder with the gentleness of Shellac.

  • Hybrid dip overlay : 35.00
  • Hybrid dip overlay french : 40.00
  • Repair : 4.00
  • Hybrid dip french pink and white refill: 35.00
  • Hybrid dip french pink only refill : 25
  • Hybrid removal without re-application: 5

Color dip powder refills are not recommended since colors typically oxidize and get darker. Therefore filling over old product does not insure a color match. The old colored product must be soaked off prior to another application. As with Shellac or other gel polish, the enhancement should never be picked off to prevent damage to your natural nail. If you chose not to soak off the old product and fill over it, then the nail does need to be roughed up more to ensure grater attachment.